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The Outlaw's Baby Girl

Hey, Cuties. I truly hope you are safe and well. Need something to read? Want an escape? Check out my latest, The Outlaw's Baby Girl.

We go back to Mountainville in this one and I had a blast writing it! And if you're new to this series and want to catch up, you can get all three of the Lone Star Littles novels in one collection! Then, you can just binge read them all.

Both books are exclusive to Kindle.

There will be another title in January, a Mommy/Little Boy story that I'm so excited about! It's called Saving Stryker and you'll learn more about it VERY SOON.

I truly pray for you all and hope 2021 is off to a great start. I have faith that better days are ahead.

Hugs and kisses and as always, have fun, Cuties.

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