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The Little List--Available Now!

Get ready for an all-new adventure with brand new friends and that lovable, fun gang from Miss Paula’s Pull-Up Academy! This is The Little List—a sweet, gentle ABDL love story filled with warmth and plenty of shenanigans!

Adam and Olivia have been best friends since high school. They know everything about each other. Well, almost everything.

Adam has been hiding a secret. When Olivia discovers that her bestie is a Little, she’s bound and determined to show him he is loved and accepted. Her request is simple—make a Little List of everything he has ever wanted to do, and she’ll help him live out his fantasies.

And with Olivia’s upcoming wedding approaching quickly, time is of the essence! So, she takes Adam to the famous Miss Paula’s Academy, that special haven for Littles. And through it all, Olivia and Adam must confront feelings they’ve long had but never discussed. But forces are working against them, striving to keep them apart.

The Little List is a heartwarming tale of friendship, acceptance, and love. It is a standalone tale that focuses on new characters but also includes Miss Paula’s Academy and that lovable bunch of Littles and Bigs. It features a loving Auntie, her sweet Little boy, along with Mommies, Daddies, and plenty of Littles. It is an ABDL story and contains consenting adults engaged in Age Play.

Have fun, cuties!

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