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Hey, Cuties!

Travel back to Mountainville—that oasis for Littles and Bigs—in a journey fraught with adventure, excitement, plenty of trouble, and a whole lot of love!

Claire Montgomery has to get out of Ascroft County, Texas. Her aunt and uncle run that place—and her life—with an iron grip. Seeking bigger political fortune, they want to ensure their niece is kept hidden away. If her secret life as a Little was leaked, it would be the end of their aspirations.

So Claire runs, trying to make it to that safe haven she’s heard about out in the rugged Davis Mountains of West Texas.

Cullen Braddock is a former Navy SEAL who just wants to find a peaceful life. Maybe he can even reconnect with his ex and build the kind of existence he’s always dreamed of. But when a scared and desperate Claire ends up as a stowaway in the back of his truck, his world is thrown upside down. And while all he wants to do is mind his own business, his moral compass won’t let him. Someone is after this girl and he has to see the mission through to the end. He has to see her safely to Mountainville.

It’s a SEAL’s code, after all.

But can he resist this little cutie? Because it isn’t very long before he realizes the toughest challenge he’s ever faced is resisting that sweet Little who has captured his heart.

Texas Tornado is available now. Find it exclusively on Kindle right here!

I'll be back soon with more fun. Until then, have fun, Cuties.

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