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Summer Book Roundup!

Hey, Cuties! I hope you are all doing well and beating this heat. I don’t know about where you live, but around these parts it’s too hot to really go outside. Kind of a bummer but it is the perfect time to sit inside, under a fan, and read! Thankfully, there are plenty of good books available right now.

I have a couple of new ones out myself, but first I want to tell you about two others.

RJ Gray has a new release (due July 21st) and holy cow! Look at that cover! Bull takes place in smalltown Colorado, has high heat, Age Play, and spankings. Uh, yes please!

Kate Oliver also has a new one in her Daddies of the Shadows series and wowzers! Yummy. Yummy. Yummy. Talk about some steamy DDLG. Ash is going to be one heck of a sexy read and I can’t wait!

Come to think of it, Bull and Ash might not cool me down after all—but they’ll sure be fun!

As far as my stuff, have you read Daddy Hood yet? It came out earlier this month and it’s a rollicking good time, if I may say so myself. Speaking of fun…surprise! We have a bonus short story this month. Caring for Cali takes place in Mountainville and it’s full of cuteness, sweetness, and hijinks. Those Lone Star Littles NEVER learn and end up in more trouble than one would think possible. Silly cuties.

Who knows, we might squeeze in another Mountainville story in before the close of July. Perhaps a Mommy tale? Hmm. We’ll see.

I hope you are safe, well, and enjoying your summer. Remember, you are truly valuable, and you make a difference in this world. You are special.

Have fun, Cuties!

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