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Professor Moneybags--Available Now!

Travel back to Mountainville—that oasis in the towering Davis Mountains of West Texas—a special community for sweet Littles, loving Daddies, and caring Mommies. This is Professor Moneybags, the newest adventure in the bestselling Lone Star Littles series!

Jackson Brake—they call him Professor Moneybags. A tech mogul worth BILLIONS and a guest lecturer at a local Dallas university. He’s got everything he could ever want—except a sweet, precious Little to call his own.

But that all changes when fate introduces him to Lydia.

Humiliated and rejected by her classmates for regressing, Lydia feels all alone in the world.

What’s wrong with her? Why can’t she change? Is there anyone else out there like her?

Jackson is determined to win her heart—and show her what being Little and having a Daddy is all about! Where better to take her than that wonderful community in the desert?

And they arrive to find there’s plenty of shenanigans brewing in town as Victoria, Eli, Stella, and the whole gang are in a full-fledged water war. Those sweeties are all about fun. And trouble!

So sit down, get cozy, and let your heart wander back to that town we all wished truly existed.

It’s time for another trip to Mountainville.

Professor Moneybags is a fast moving, Instalove romance that features consenting adults engaged in Age Play. It contains ABDL themes such as discipline, diaper changes, and medical exams. It features an uber rich Daddy, a sweet Little, and plenty of heart and fun. While a standalone tale, it is best when read as part of the series. For adults only. You can find it right here. Have fun, Cuties!

Lone Star Littles reading order.

Victoria’s Ranger

Saving Stella

The Outlaw’s Baby Girl

The Agent’s Baby Girl

Once Upon a Time In Mountainville (short story)

Texas Tornado

Regressing Penny

Saving Eden

Professor Moneybags

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