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New Book Dropping THIS Weekend!

Hey, Cuties! I am so excited about my newest book, Katelyn Hits Her Stride. I had a ton of fun writing this one. For one thing, it's set in the west, specifically the Texas Panhandle. I LOVE that region! It is also a fun, STEAMY story. Plus, we get to check in with Adaline and her three Daddies. But the story belongs to Katelyn and her two sexy, bossy, kinky cowboys.

It's going live THIS WEEKEND, exclusively on Amazon Kindle. I've included the blurb below. I hope you all have as much fun reading this one as I had writing it.

Thanks for reading! Be sure and let me know what you think of it. Until next time...stay Little.

About This Book

Bestselling author Amy Cummings is back, taking readers to Texas once more with a sassy submissive and two hot, sexy, bossy cowboy Daddies!


“High Plains, Texas is the last place I want to go. I’m a big city girl now. Dallas is my home. I have a life. A career. Even a boyfriend. Okay, so he’s my jerk boss and I’m not even sure why I’m dating him, but still—I don’t want to go back to that tiny Panhandle town.

My Uncle Jessup died, leaving me his ranch. He was trying to take care of me, but damn, he majorly complicated my life! Because back in High Plains are those two cowboys.

The two I never want to see again.

The two that fought over me. The two that couldn’t even be in the same room together.

The two I couldn’t choose between all those years ago.

The two I fell in love with.

And the two I’ll have to confront as I go back to that beautiful, rugged land. Something tells me my life is never going to be the same.


“I’ve spent every day of the past few years dreaming of the moment my baby girl would come home. Dying to hold her in my arms once more.

And during that time, I bonded with the man I used to hate. The rival who loves Katelyn as much as I do. She doesn’t think it will work. But we’re going to show her how wrong she is. She is our baby girl. She just doesn’t realize it yet.”


“Logan and I let that sweet girl slip away once before.

It won’t happen again.

She’s been living that big city life in Dallas, running herself ragged and hiding from her true nature.

But we know what is best for her. And we’re going to see to it that she settles down and lives the life she was meant for. A life provided by her Daddies. She’s our sweet little girl. She isn’t getting away this time.”

Katelyn Hits Her Stride is a steamy, MFM romance with plenty of pulse-pounding action. It features bossy, sexy cowboys who are completely devoted to their sweet little girl. It is a DDlg story with some elements of Age Play. It is the first in an all-new series but is a standalone story. If features some characters from Adaline Goes for Broke but is not a sequel. For mature readers only. Have fun, Cuties!

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