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Need Something to Read This Weekend?

Hey, Cuties! I'm excited to announce my latest, A Daddy for Ruby, is available NOW!

Ruby O’Donnell is a desperate, scared girl from the wrong side of Boston. John Thornton is a tough, caring cowboy in western Oklahoma. Their worlds collide in this explosive, action-packed romance from bestselling author Amy Cummings!

Ruby is on the run. After finding out the car lot she worked for was actually a money laundering front, her life is in danger. With hardly any money and virtually nothing to her name, she hops a bus just trying to make it to California. All she can do is run and hide.

But a twist of fate puts her right in the middle of America’s Heartland—and right into the arms of John Thornton. John is a sexy marshal who brings Old West-style justice to No Man’s Land. He’s also a strict, loving, and nurturing Daddy in search of that special someone to be his Little. The minute he meets Ruby, those internal alarm bells sound off. Could Ruby be the one? Did the Universe actually deliver him a sweet, precious Little to hold forever?

But with rough characters hot on Ruby’s trail, John and Ruby will have to ride through hell and back if they want any shot at that Happy Ever After.

A Daddy for Ruby is a DDlg romance that features consenting adults engaged in Age Play, including discipline, ABDL themes, and a bit of steamy fun. It is packed with crackling western action. While a standalone tale, it does feature supporting characters previously introduced in The Cowboy’s Baby Girl and Chasing the Baby. Intended for adults only. Have fun, cuties!

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