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Meet Harrison-The Newest West Coast Darling

Journey back to Hollywood and meet the newest Darling—Harrison, a Little in need of a Mommy!

Harrison Trent is an up and coming action movie star. He’s young, lean, and tough. Not to mention arrogant and foul-mouthed. But Harrison harbors a secret he’s never shared with anyone—he’s a Little, through and through. When his secret is exposed, Harrison goes on an epic bender. But Harrison has friends in Tinseltown, even though he doesn’t realize it. He encounters fellow stars Grant Baker and Vic Dalton, and their kind, matronly friend, Auntie Diana. Diana is mature, confident, and beautiful. It’s love at first sight for Harrison. But will Diana ever see him as anything more than a rash, troubled Little? And will Diana finally have her own Happily Ever After?

A MOMMY FOR HARRISON is the sixth book in the acclaimed West Coast Darlings series. It features consenting adults engaged in Age Play. It has a guy Little and a caring yet stern Mommy Domme. It is an Insta-Love story that moves fast and can be enjoyed in one sitting. For adults only. Exclusively on Amazon Kindle!

Have fun!

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