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Loving Lainey

Hey, Cuties! Need something new to read this week? Check out my latest, LOVING LAINEY.

A lost and lonely Little, living on the ruthless streets of Vegas. A powerful casino mogul, heir to a Mafia Empire. Both needing salvation and longing for a better life. This is Loving Lainey, the newest book from bestselling author Amy Cummings.

Vincent DeLuca has worked hard to go straight. Son of a powerful, ruthless Godfather, he’s dragged the empire his father left into the mainstream, leaving the shadows of crime behind. Yet something is still missing from Vin’s life.

With a vast fortune, powerful connections, and fierce reputation, Vin still longs for something more.

A Little to have and hold. To protect and cherish.

A family to belong to.

Lainey Michaels has been hurt. A powerful man with a consuming vendetta cast her on the streets, making sure no one would help her. She sleeps in alleyways and on benches, her beloved Stuffie her only companion.

Until fate brings her into the arms Vincent.

There’s more to Lainey than meets the eye, and Vincent is determined to find out her story—and prove that he’s the Daddy she’s always dreamed of.

Loving Lainey is a standalone, fast-moving, InstaLove, DDlg story that features consenting adults engaged in Age Play. It has a precious Little, a loving Daddy, and even an Auntie and her sweet boy. It introduces new characters but also has a few surprises and cameos from old friends. This is an ABDL tale and features diapers, loving discipline, some medical play, and a bit of humiliation (in a caring, nurturing environment—never harsh). For adults only.

Available exclusively on Amazon Kindle. Have fun, Cuties!

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