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He's Almost Here...

Hello everyone! I hope the autumn is finding you well.

I'm excited as my newest title, Rocker, is about to launch! Who is Rocker?

Well, he's delicious, for starters. Beyond that, he's a tough, no-nonsense NYPD detective who plays by his own rules. He hates injustice. That's why when the innocent Brittany Holbrook is threatened, Rocker risks it all to protect her.

But Rocker is also a Daddy. There's just something about the sweet, innocent Brittany that brings all of his paternal instincts to the surface. He's tough, stern, but loving and caring. Can he focus on the mission at hand without being distracted by his feelings for Brittany? Can he protect her from those evil forces trying to end her life?

One thing is for sure: Rocker will do whatever it takes to keep that cutie safe. Because no one, absolutely no one, messes with Rocker's girl.

This is your last chance to join the Rocker Launch Team! Just drop me a line and reference Rocker. You'll receive a FREE copy, via email. All I ask is that you provide an honest review on Amazon.

For those of you who have already joined, get ready.

Rocker is coming.

And soon.

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1 Comment

I can’t wait to read Rocker I love all your books

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