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Hey Cuties! So, it took a while longer than I'd planned, but my latest story, Embraced, is finally here!

Embraced picks up with Candace, Mason, Aubrey, and Natasha about a year or so after the events of Accepted. Miss Paula’s Pull-Up Academy has grown and now accepts Littles of all varieties.

Brendalyn is a sweet young lady who is rejected by her fiancé once he discovers her Little side. This sends her to the Academy where she meets Aubrey, Candace, and the gang—as well as a new addition, Ryker.

Ryker is a strong Daddy who lost his Baby Girl to cancer. He’s hurting and broken, and just starting to engage the Age Play community once more.

Just a heads-up: this story is HEAVY on the age play, including diaper changes (both wet and messy), lactation and adult nursing, and consenting adults behaving as Littles. It is not a particularly steamy story, but it is a ton of fun.

I’ll be back soon with my latest DDlg, spicy Insta-love romance, Spring Training. Until then, please enjoy Embraced. If you can, please leave a review on Amazon as this truly helps authors gain exposure.

Have a great day! Remember, you are valuable, you are worthy, and you were created for a purpose!

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