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Available Now--Finding Evie--Exclusively on Amazon Kindle!

Travel with Amy Cummings once again to Hollywood and meet the newest Little and Daddy to join the fun!

Evie has big dreams. One day she's going to be a reporter, bigger than Woodward and Bernstein. For now, though, she's stuck at a sleazy celebrity gossip site, dishing out dirt on Hollywood royalty. When the site's founder receives a tip regarding a strange agency that matches Littles with prospective Bigs, Evie eagerly volunteers to go deep undercover. Her plan is to find out just who in Tinsel Town is involved in this strange lifestyle, and expose them in a major article that will shock the nation.

Disguised as a Little, Evie is matched by the agency to Victor Dalton--one of the hottest actors in Hollywood!

Can Evie survive undercover? Can she live as a Little in order to gather the intel she needs for her piece? And more importantly, can she survive Vic's charm?

Haunted by an event in her past, and bearing a huge secret, Evie's willpower will be tested as she enters the world of Littles and Bigs.

And nothing will ever be the same.

Finding Evie is a fast-paced story that features consenting adults engaged in Age Play. It includes a strict Daddy Dom, discipline (including spanking), and some light humiliation (in a caring environment, never mean-spirited). It also features a red-hot romance and some spice. It includes a Mommy Domme, lactation, and plenty of ABDL action (including diaper changes). While part of the West Coast Darlings series, this is a standalone tale with a guaranteed HEA. This is a kinky story intended for adults only. Have fun!

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